Education, leadership and partnerships: nursing potential for Universal Health Coverage

Isabel Amélia Costa Mendes Carla Aparecida Arena Ventura Maria Auxiliadora Trevizan Leila Maria Marchi-Alves Valtuir Duarte de Souza-Junior About the authors


to discuss possibilities of nursing contribution for universal health coverage.


a qualitative study, performed by means of document analysis of the World Health Organization publications highlighting Nursing and Midwifery within universal health coverage.


documents published by nursing and midwifery leaders point to the need for coordinated and integrated actions in education, leadership and partnership development.

Final Considerations:

this article represents a call for nurses, in order to foster reflection and understanding of the relevance of their work on the consolidation of the principles of universal health coverage.

Enfermería; Cobertura Universal; Educación; Liderazgo; Conducta Cooperativa; Salud Global

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