The view of adolescents from the rural area of Costa Rica in rehabilitation programs about drug consumption

Ligia Murillo-Castro Adriana Inocenti Miasso About the authors

This qualitative study aimed to investigate the view of adolescents following rehabilitation programs about the consumption of illicit drugs. It was carried out in two Non-Governmental Organizations in Costa Rica. The focus group technique was applied, aiming to allow adolescents to express their feelings and experiences regarding illicit drug consumption. Results showed that the perception adolescents have of themselves is focused on a process of change and development of their identity and experimentation, which influence them in taking negative decisions like drug consumption. The relationships they have with their parents are conflicting, as they come from dysfunctional homes and marginal communities. Friends represent support for their difficulties and lead to drug consumption. The state of Costa Rica needs to define public policies to improve the lives of this population.

Street Drugs; Adolescent; Family Relations

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