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Unveiling violence at home against children and adolescents under the view of law professionals in the municipality of Jardinópolis-SP, Brazil

Using a grounded qualitative and considering it as capable of expanding the complexity of phenomena, facts, particular and specific processes concerning groups fairly delimitated in extension and that can be intensively affected, this article aims at identifying and analyzing the perceptions of law professionals (prosecutors, prosecution assistants, judicial deputies and judges) concerning the aspects triggering violence against children and adolescents at home. The study was conducted at the Forum of the Municipality of Jardinópolis.- SP, Brazil The results were obtained by means of content analysis, thematic modality. Law professionals attribute the aspects that trigger violence at home to the lack of family structure, precarious social and economic conditions, unstable marriages, mental disorder, alcoholism as well as to the lack of social policies to meet social demands.

mistreated child; adolescent; family violence; violence at home, criminal justice

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