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Validation of mapping of care actions prescribed for orthopedic patients onto the nursing interventions classification

This study mapped the 52 nursing care actions prescribed for orthopedic patients onto Self-care Deficit: bathing and/or hygiene, Impaired Physical Mobility and Risk for Infection, according to the Nursing Interventions Classification (NIC). The study was developed at a University Hospital in Porto Alegre, Brazil, using the Delphi Technique as the content validation method, considering a level of 70% of agreement among experts. Data were analyzed through descriptive statistics. Twenty-two experts validated the mapping of 51 nursing care actions onto 56 NIC interventions in two rounds. The objective was achieved because only one mapped care action did not reach the established level of agreement. None of the mapped care actions reached 100% consensus, which evidences the various possibilities of comparison and the importance of validation studies.

Nursing Process; Validation Studies; Nursing Diagnosis; Nursing Care; Orthopedic Nursing; Classification

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