Evaluation of prevention and control measures for ventilator-associated pneumonia

Leandra Terezinha Roncolato da Silva Ana Maria Laus Silvia Rita Marin da Silva Canini Miyeko Hayashida About the authors

This study aimed to evaluate the quality of health care delivered in an Intensive Care Unit, concerning the use of pneumonia prevention and control measures in high-risk patients on mechanical ventilation. In this descriptive and exploratory research, 839 observations of patients under invasive ventilation care were carried out, between November 2009 and January 2010, using the Indicator of Evaluation of Adherence to Prevention and Control Measures in High-risk Patients (IRPR). Some isolated measures that compose the mentioned indicator reached rates close to 100%, but the general compliance rate with all prevention and control measures of ventilator-associated pneumonia was 26.94%. It is concluded that, although the evaluated practices are accomplished at the unit, systematic evaluations of the interventions is needed so as to permit the discussion and practice of other educational strategies by the health team.

Quality Indicators; Health Care; Pneumonia; Ventilator-Associated; Nursing; Health Evaluation

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