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Survey of types of repercussions as a result of performance evaluation in hospital nursing

This article is part of a study about performance evaluation in nursing and aims to identify and describe the measures adopted on the basis of the nursing staff performance evaluation that was carried out at municipal district hospitals in the Paraiba Valley Region - São Paulo, Brazil. Data were collected by means of a questionnaire, which was applied among the nurses in charge of the Nursing or Continuous Education Services. The obtained data allowed us to verify that, although 66.7% of the hospitals do not have a Continuous Education Service, 80.9% carry out performance evaluation and indicate the adoption of several measures according to the observed results. Educational measures prevailed, such as: orientation (97.0%), training (79.4%), updating/recycling (70.6%) and discussion of the result with the employee (88.2%). It was also verified that, in a significant percentage of the hospitals, the performance evaluation results do not only offer support for promotions (20.6%) and several incentives (58.8%), but also for employees' dismissal (58.8%).

nursing administration; human resources in health manpower; performance evaluation

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