Self-care competence in the administration of insulin in older people aged 70 or over1 1 Paper extracted from Master’s Thesis “Competence for self-care insulin administration by septuagenarian or more older”, presented to Escola de Enfermagem, Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais, Belo Horizonte, MG, Brazil.

Mayara Sousa Vianna Patrícia Aparecida Barbosa Silva Cíntia Vieira do Nascimento Sônia Maria Soares About the authors



to analyze the self-care competence in the administration of insulin performed by older people aged 70 or over.


cross-sectional study carried out with 148 older people aged 70 or over, who performed self-administration of insulin. Data collection was carried out using a structured questionnaire and an adapted guide for the application of the Scale to Identify Self-Care Competence of Patients with Diabetes, at the participants’ home. Data analysis included descriptive and inferential statistical tests, with forward logistic regression.


the prevalence of self-care competence in the administration of insulin was 35.1%. Handwashing error was the most frequent in self-administration of insulin. Self-care competence was negatively associated with retirees and positively associated with senior patients who performed capillary blood glucose monitoring and skin pinching during insulin application.


there was low self-care competence and it was associated with both the sociodemographic and the clinical characteristics with regard to self-application of insulin by the older people.

Insulin; Elderly; Self-administration; Diabetes Mellitus; Nursing

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