Fantasies about pregnancy and motherhood reported by fertile adult women under hemodialysis in the Brazilian Southeast: a clinical-qualitative study

This article discusses hemodialysis experiences in terms of meanings women attribute to several associated phenomena. Renal insufficiency may present a progressive reduction in renal function, in which the kidneys are affected and become unable to remove metabolic material from the blood. Living with hemodialysis is associated to important psychosocial adaptation mechanisms. This clinical-qualitative study was performed in two general hospitals' nephrology service. The method included purposive sample of nine women in hemodialysis and a semi-directed interview with open-ended questions was applied. After categorizing interviewees' discourse, psychodynamic approaches were used for interpretation. It was concluded that the subjects experienced different degrees of desire to get pregnant and become mothers, now challenged by a limiting illness. Considering the adoption matter, besides symbolizing a generosity act, it would represent a solution to a deep individual demand. Fantasize about adoption, even if it does not become reality, may enhance these women's self-esteem.

kidney failure; renal dialysis; fantasy; nursing research; qualitative research

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