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AIDS and nursing: attitudes versus personality traits within the context of hospital care

The objective of the present study was to determine possible relations between attitudes towards some aspects of facing AIDS and personality traits in nursing personnel for later elaboration of a program of guidance and follow-up of professionals who treat the disease. On the basics of the attitude scales constructed by the theoretical model of FISHBEIN and AJZEN (1975), a survey was carried out on 56 professional of Nursing Service of the University Hospital of Ribeirão Preto to determine their attitudes towards the six dimensions of AIDS treatment: the disease itself, support treatment, the stigma attached to the patient, the impotence of the professional, the rapport with the patient and the embarrassment due to the conditions of care provided. The personality traits of these 56 subjects were later evaluated by applying Questionnaire 16 PF of CATTEL and EBER (1954). Correlation studies and contingency analysis interaction between attitudes towards some factors and results obtained with the 16 PF, with the level of significance set at p = .05. A detailed analysis of the personality/Attitudes towards AIDS relationship was then performed from the results obtained, in combination with data obtained in previous studies.

Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome; attitudes; personality traits; health professionals

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