Total staff costs to implement a decision support system in nursing 1 1 Supported by Conselho Nacional de Desenvolvimento Científico e Tecnológico (CNPq), process # 478780/2004-4 and by Hospital Universitário at Universidade de São Paulo.

Valéria Castilho Antônio Fernandes Costa Lima Fernanda Maria Togeiro Fugulin Heloisa Helena Ciqueto Peres Raquel Rapone Gaidzinski About the authors


to identify the direct labor (DL) costs to put in practice a decision support system (DSS) in nursing at the University Hospital of the University of São Paulo (HU-USP).


the development of the DSS was mapped in four sub-processes: Conception, Elaboration, Construction and Transition. To calculate the DL, the baseline salary per professional category was added to the five-year additional remuneration, representation fees and social charges, and then divided by the number of hours contracted, resulting in the hour wage/professional, which was multiplied by the time spend on each activity in the sub-processes.


the DL cost corresponded to R$ 752,618.56 (100%), R$ 26,000.00 (3.45%) of which were funded by a funding agency, while R$ 726,618.56 (96,55%) came from Hospital and University resources.


considering the total DL cost, 72.1% related to staff wages for the informatics consulting company and 27.9% to the DL of professionals at the HU and the School of Nursing.

Nursing Informatics; Nursing Process; Costs and Cost Analysis; Cost Control

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