Social support of adults and elderly with chronic kidney disease on dialysis

Simone Márcia da Silva Natalia Fernanda Braido Ana Carolina Ottaviani Gabriela Dutra Gesualdo Marisa Silvana Zazzetta Fabiana de Souza Orlandi About the authors



to evaluate the instrumental and emotional social support of patients with chronic kidney disease on hemodialysis.


descriptive cross-sectional study. The sample was sized for convenience and included 103 participants under treatment in a Renal Replacement Therapy Unit. Data were collected through individual interviews, using the Social Support Scale.


the mean scores of the emotional and instrumental social support were 3.92 (± 0.78) and 3.81 (± 0.69) respectively, an indication of good support received. The most frequent sources of instrumental and emotional social support mentioned by participants were partners, spouse, companion or boyfriend and friends.


patients with chronic kidney disease have high social support, both instrumental and emotional, and the main support comes from the family.

Social Support; Renal Insufficiency, Chronic; Health of the Elderly; Adult Health

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