Implementation of brief intervention for problematic alcohol use in primary health in the amazon context

AIMS: to evaluate the implementation process of Screening and Brief Interventions for the Problematic Use of Alcohol (PUA) in primary health care in the city of Coari, Amazonas. Methods: management evaluation through a process analysis study, using triangulation methods, with qualitative techniques like focus groups with health professionals and with the training / follow up team; quantitative epidemiological data and data concerning health service productivity in 2008. RESULTS: the health team accepted the training course well, feeling that it valued them. Twenty-five percent of the sample scored PUA using AUDIT. Difficulties: preservation of the biomedical approach, difficulties to continue the work because of high professional rotation levels due to political reasons, difficulties to stabilize policies in places with little access. Conclusions: management action is needed, as well as health policies for PUA in the PHC, including the need for fixed human resources in PHC teams.

Evaluation Studies; Primary Health Care; Alcoholism

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