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Tensão pré-menstrual - loucura feminina?* * Este artigo foi produzido no Laborat´roio de Psicopatologia Fundamental/UNICAMP, sob a orientação do Prof. Dr. Mário Eduardo Costa Pereira.

The Pre-Menstrual Tension Syndrome currently emerges as the "modern woman syndrome". Marking a sexual difference, more and more difficult to be symbotized by our contemporary women, the PTMS svmptoms reveat themselves as incomprehensible to their victms, as incurable to the doctors and as "femate insanity" to the society. Nevertheless, in the light of the pre-oedipal confliets as described in Freud, as well as of the pre-puberty problems in Helene Deutsch, and up to the lacanian reading of femate orgasm, the pre-menstrual tension shows itself as a pre-symbolizing tension, an effort demanded from ali women because of their impossibitity to say their sext to define themselves from the maternity function as creator of their own signifiers.

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