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The guardian of the tomb: clinical vicissitudes of narcissistic pathologies

Ana Bárbara Andrade Isadora Tostes Monah Winograd About the authors

The article aims to investigate the specificity of psychoanalytic treatment of narcissistic pathologies. Based on the theory of A. Green about the deadly nature of narcissistic organizations, as well as the contributions of S. Ferenczi and D. W. Winnicott, we examine the vicissitudes of a primary fusional relationship with the maternal object. A vignette illustrates the clinical difficulties in the context of regression to dependence and negative therapeutic reaction.

Narcissism; trauma; narcissistic pathologies; psychoanalysis

Associação Universitária de Pesquisa em Psicopatologia Fundamental Av. Onze de Junho, 1070, conj. 804, 04041-004 São Paulo, SP - Brasil - São Paulo - SP - Brazil