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Psychic dimensions of weight loss: for a psychoanalytic understanding of binge eating disorder

Juliana Ferreira Santos Farah Pablo Castanho About the authors

This article proposes a theoretical-clinical research with the objective of presenting a psychoanalytic understanding of binge eating disorder. For that sake, we present a critical review of the literature articulated with patients' vignettes and public statements. We conclude by emphasizing the potential of a psychoanalytic approach to binge eating disorder in highlighting the existence of risks of psychic disorganization of some patients undergoing high calorie restriction diets and their potential to deal with the vicious cycle of loss and subsequent weight gain.

Eating disorders; obesity; psychoanalysis; compulsive behavior

Associação Universitária de Pesquisa em Psicopatologia Fundamental Av. Onze de Junho, 1070, conj. 804, 04041-004 São Paulo, SP - Brasil - São Paulo - SP - Brazil