Prototype development of solid oxide fuel cells with direct reformation

Catalyst based on nickel and cobalt, supported on zirconia stabilized with ytria (YSZ) was developed, characterized and used for the hydrogen production from ethanol. The catalyst had metal contents of c.a. 35% in weight and presented high activity above 400ºC. This catalyst was tested in ethanol steam reform at very low water concentration, condition similar to that of SOFC operation. The developed catalyst was also used as anode of a unitary solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC); the SOFC unitary cell was developed and manufactured in this work. The anode/electrolyte/cathode structure was characterized by SEM. The SOFC was operated with hydrogen, methane or ethanol and showed good performance with the latter fuel. The ethanol and methane mixture was also tested and presented very promising results for the production of electrical energy.

SOFC; ethanol; YSZ; nickel; cobalt; steam reforming

Laboratório de Hidrogênio, Coppe - Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro, em cooperação com a Associação Brasileira do Hidrogênio, ABH2 Av. Moniz Aragão, 207, 21941-594, Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brasil, Tel: +55 (21) 3938-8791 - Rio de Janeiro - RJ - Brazil