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The extended nutritional clinic and humanization of patient-nutritionist relationship: contribution to reflection

The extended clinical nutrition conception is a new theme for the field of nutrition, especially clinical nutrition. Given the process of reformulation of the health practice scenarios within the Unified Healthcare System, this theme instigates a substantial interest in scientific production, in the formation and clinical practice of the dietician with the use of communication competencies and the magnification of the technical and nutritional look on the process health-disease-care, which may contribute to the reconfiguration of the relationship dietician-patient with the purpose of amplifying its humanization. This trial shows how the conception of an extended clinical nutrition can contribute for the reflection on broadening the humanization of the relationship dietician-patient in health services. The trial is designed in two parts: the starting point and the continuation point. At the starting point, official publications on the social, historical and political conformations of the biomedical model and its repercussion on the clinical practice are analyzed. At the continuation point, nutritional clinic is observed as a social practice and the extended clinical conception is used for discussing the possibilities of restructuring clinical nutrition and broadening its knowledge and techniques beyond a restricted and restrictive biomedical model. Finally, extended clinical nutrition is discussed, with the possibility of rethinking the relationship dietician-patient and proposing, in this sense, its humanization, the incorporation of non-biomedical contents, valuing practical knowledge and listening skills, the organization of knowledge and exploration of dialogue in the current practice of clinical nutrition.

Clinical competence; Humanization of assistance; Interdisciplinary; Nutritionist; Profissional-patient-relations

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