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Translation, adaptation and internal consistency evaluation of the Eating Behaviours and Body Image Test for female children

Elizângela Moreira Careta Galindo Ana Maria Pimenta Carvalho About the authors

This study aimed to translate, adapt and validate the Eating Bahaviours and Body Image Test, to be used with children in a city in upstate São Paulo. Study subjects were 261 female students aging from 9 to 12 years. The internal consistency of the instrument was evaluated by means of factorial analysis with varimax rotation. This analysis was accomplished through Statistical Package for Social Sciences, version 10.0, revealing two factors. The internal consistency was adequate for the total instrument (Cronbach's alpha=0.89) and a values were also considered satisfactory for the two factors (1 and 2) (alpha=0.90 and alpha=0.80, respectively), which demonstrated that the Eating Bahaviours and Body Image Test is useful for an initial evaluation, tracing symptoms that indicate possible eating behavior disorders. The psychometric characteristics of the original instrument were maintained.

beeding behavior; child; body image; obesity

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