Breastfeeding: the challenge to understand the experience

Raquel Maria Amaral Araújo João Aprígio Guerra de Almeida About the authors

This work aims to contribute to a reflection on the role of health professionals regarding women who breastfeed. Publications from scientific journals, theses, dissertations, textbooks and papers from national and international organizations were consulted. This reflection originates from the scientific evidences on the requirements of breastfeeding assistance regarding what the woman experiences during this process. The limitations of health professionals, including nutritionists, are pointed out, in respect to the requirements of providing breastfeeding assistance. This study evidenced the need to train health professionals to provide breastfeeding assistance that goes beyond the biological aspect, encompassing all facets of womanhood. In the same manner, we urge that the debate on the nutritionist's role in breastfeeding assistance be expanded as it is still scarce.

breast feeding; delivery of health care; food and nutrition education; professional role

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