Adapted food pyramid: a guide for a right food choice

Sonia Tucunduva Philippi Andrea Romero Latterza Ana Teresa Rodrigues Cruz Luciana Cisotto Ribeiro About the authors

This paper intends to evaluate and adapt the Food Pyramid made in USA in 1992 to the Brazilian professional reality of research groups in food and nutrition. The Adapted Food Pyramid was established with foods distributed in eight groups according to each basic nutrient contribution in the diet (cereals, fruits, vegetables, beans, milk, meat, fat and sugar). To reach this Adapted Food Pyramidmodel it was established three standard diets (1600 kcal, 2200 kcal and 2800 kcal) with the following macronutrients distribution: carbohydrates (50-60%), protein (10-15%) and fat (20-30%). Each level was presented with " the minimum and the maximum" portion to be consumed according to the standard diet reported. The "Virtual Nutri" software was applied to obtain the data of this paper. This Pyramid is a contribution for nutritional orientation for individuals and population groups according to food habits and different regional and institutional.

dietetics; nutritional orientation; food pyramid; feeding guide; diet; food; food consumption

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