Revision of Mitracarpus (Rubiaceae - Spermacoceae) from Brazil

Elnatan Bezerra de Souza Elsa Leonor Cabral Daniela Cristina Zappi About the authors


This paper presents the revision of Mitracarpus from Brazil. The study is based on field observations and study of herbarium specimens. Mitracarpus is a neotropical genus, distributed from the southern United States to central Argentina, with one invasive species occurring in the Old World. The genus presents three centres of diversity: Mexico, the Caribbean region and Brazil. Twenty four species are accepted, of which six are new to science: Mitracarpus albomarginatus, M. buiquensis, M. diversifolius, M. eitenii, M. nitidus and M. robustus. A key to identify the species, updating of the names and their typification, synonymy, descriptions, illustrations are provided, together with data on their conservation status.

Key words:
conservation; Neotropics; Rubioideae; taxonomy

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