The genus Merremia (Convolvulaceae) in Southern Brazil

Priscila Porto Alegre Ferreira Silvia Teresinha Sfoggia Miotto About the authors

Merremia Dennst. ex Endl. comprises about 60 species widely distributed in the tropics and subtropics of both hemispheres. Among the 14 species occurring in Brazil, nine were confirmed for the Southern region: M. cissoides (Lam.) Hallier f., M. digitata (Spreng.) Hallier f. var. digitata, M. digitata var. elongata (Choisy) D.F.Austin & Staples, M. dissecta (Jacq.) Hallier f., M. hassleriana (Chodat) Hassl., M. macrocalyx (Ruiz & Pav.) O'Donell, M. tomentosa (Choisy) Hallier f., M. tuberosa (L.) Rendle, and M. umbellata (L.) Hallier f. Analytical key, morphologic descriptions, geographical data, habitat and illustrations of the taxa of Merremia in Southern Brazil are provided. Merremia hassleriana is a new record for Paraná State.

morphology; Paraná; Rio Grande do Sul; Santa Catarina; taxonomy

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