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Mimosoid clade (Leguminosae-Caesalpinioideae) in the Serra dos Montes Altos State Park, Bahia, Brazil


According to the new classification of the Leguminosae, the Mimosoid clade belongs to the subfamily Caesalpinioideae, and includes species traditionally assigned to Mimosoideae. The present work consists of a taxonomic study of species of the Mimosoid clade encountered in Serra dos Montes Altos State Park, located in central-southern Bahia State, Brazil. Botanical samples were collected over a 12 month period (May/2015 to April/2016) during monthly random walks through the area. In addition to the plants collected in the field, specimens from the HUEFS, HUESBVC and HUNEB-Collection Caetité herbaria were also analyzed. A total of 16 species distributed in eight genera were sampled. The most representative genera were Mimosa, with seven species, and Calliandra with three; 62% of the species occurred primarily in Cerrado vegetation. Characteristics such as number of leaflets, shape and location of nectary structures, type of inflorescence, fruit morphology and seeds were essential for the identification of taxa. A key to the identifications of taxa is provided, such as descriptions, diagnostic characters, photographs of the species studied, and their geographic distributions.

Key words:
Fabaceae; floristics; Northeastern Brazil; Semiarid; plant taxonomy

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