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New record of Melocactus peruvianus (Cactaceae) and conservation status of the Melocactus genus in Ecuador


The globular cacti are the group of cacti that are most at risk of extinction in Continental Ecuador. Melocactus bellavistensis, is distributed in a dry inter-Andean valley in the province of Loja and is currently listed in the category of Deficient Data (DD) by the IUCN. The other species, M. peruvianus is known only in two confirmed localities in Huaquillas (El Oro), near the border with Peru and is considered extinct in Ecuador. A new record of M. peruvianus is reported in a small remnant of Espinar Litoral within the Arenillas Ecological Reserve. The distribution and occurrence probability for both species is analyzed, and the home range was estimated by the use of the polygon minimum convex method (PMC). We recommended a new assessment of the conservation status and two new types of categories are proposed for both species in Ecuador. Finally, several alternatives are presented for its conservation.

Key words:
dry forest; categories; distribution; evaluation; critical endangered

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