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The tribe Dalbergieae s.l. (Leguminosae-Papilionoideae) in the municipality of Caetité, Bahia, Brazil


Dalbergieae s.l. owns 49 genera and 1,324 species distributed mainly in Neotropics. In Brazil is represented by approximately 380 species and 18 genera. Studies floristic/taxonomic about the Dalbergieae in Brazil are punctual, the knowledge about their diversity is still fragmented or is out-of-date. With respect to the Caetité, these studies are still non-existent. This work had as objective to carry out a study of the taxonomic species of Dalbergieae occurring in Caetité, giving identification key, descriptions, illustrations for most of them and comments on the distribution geographical and affinities taxonomic of the species. Have been recorded 30 species distributed in 12 genera. Stylosanthes (6 spp.), Dalbergia (5) e Machaerium (5) were the genera most representative. Nissolia tomentosa is being registered for the first time to Bahia in this study. Pterocarpus zehntneri, considered to be a kind of distribution that is uncertain in the state of Bahia, was recoletada after 105 years. The taxa have been observed in all types vegetational, having prevalence greater in areas of the shrubby Caatinga and of the Cerrado s.s. Characteristics of the leaves, inflorescence, color of petals, and type of fruit were the characters most relevant to the identification of the taxa.

Key words:
diversity; flora; new records; semiarid region of Bahia; taxonomy of plants.

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