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Synopsis of Cyperaceae in the grasslands of Guartelá State Park, Paraná, Brazil

Tainã de Souza Vanessa Liesenfeld Rafael Trevisan Shirley Martins Silva About the authors


Cyperaceae is the third largest family among the monocotyledons and is highly represented in grassland environments. The aim of the present study was to conduct a floristic inventory of Cyperaceae in the grasslands of Guartelá State Park (GSP) and to elaborate keys to identify the species, the first for this family in this vegetation type in Paraná state. The GSP is home to relictual vegetation in Paraná, where grassland phytophysiognomies predominate, especially in open areas and rocky outcrops. The inventory was based on field collections and database searches. The family Cyperaceae is represented in the GSP by 32 taxa belonging to seven genera, with Rhynchospora (11 spp.), Bulbostylis (8 spp.), and Cyperus (7 spp.) being the genera with the greatest richness. It should be noted that all the species are native and two are endemic to Brazil. Species occurrence was recorded both in drylands and wetlands environments, emphasizing the importance of microenvironmental conservation in the park. The main literature sources for each genus, as well as information regarding distribution and habitat, are here provided.

Key words:
Campos Gerais; floristics; grassland; Poales; taxonomy

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