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In vitro culture and acclimatization of Cattleya xanthina (Orchidaceae), an endangered orchid of the Brazilian Atlantic Rainforest


Cattleya xanthina is a Neotropical orchid endemic to the Brazilian Atlantic Rainforest, at high risk of extinction. In this paper, we investigated the effects of different culture media on C. xanthina as well as on their endogenous nitrogen status. Culture media studied: Knudson C (KC), Vacin and Went (VW), and Murashige and Skoog (MS), the latter used at two different concentration (full and half-strength; MS/2). After 180 days, plants were transferred to MS medium with different NAA and BA concentrations. In each treatment, biometric parameters were measured and the endogenous levels of photosynthetic pigments, total protein, nitrate and ammonium ions were quantified. Plants grown on KC medium had the lowest concentration of nitrogen but exhibited the greatest shoot development, production of photosynthetic pigments and total protein. Results of growth regulators showed that the highest concentration of auxin stimulated root development and the production of photosynthetic pigments, and that a higher concentration of cytokinin promoted protein synthesis and the development of shoots. Most successful acclimatization was obtained when a mixture of Sphagnum and Pinus bark was used as the substrate.

Key words:
Auxin; conservation; cytokinin; ex vitro; nitrogen

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