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Rhytismataceae in leaf litter of the Atlantic Forest in Southern Bahia, Brazil1 1 Part of the Doctoral thesis of the first author.


The order Rhytismatales consists of four families (Ascodichaenaceae, Cryptomycetaceae, Cudoniaceae, and Rhytismataceae) and includes saprobes, necrotrophic parasites, and endophytic ascomycetes. Rhytismatales has a wide geographical distribution but has not been well studied in some regions of the world. The present study aimed to identify ascomycetes of the family Rhytismataceae in leaf litter of representative plants of the Atlantic Forest biome at the Biological Reserve in the municipality of Una (Reserva Biológica do Município de Una; REBIO-Una) in Bahia, Brazil. Samples of Inga thibaudiana, Myrcia splendens, and Pera glabrata leaf litter were collected at REBIO-Una in September 2011, April and August 2012, and January 2013 and incubated in a moist chamber. The fungal species were identified using morphological criteria. Three species belonging to the family Rhytismataceae were identified: Coccomyces leptosporus (associated with I. thibaudiana leaf litter), Marthamyces quadrifidus (on M. splendens and P. glabrata leaf litter), and Terriera javanica (associated with M. splendens leaf litter). This is the first record of T. javanica in the Americas, M. quadrifidus in the Brazilian Northeast, and C. leptosporus in southern Bahia.

Key words:
Ascomycota; Fabaceae; Myrtaceae; Peraceae; taxonomy

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