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Influence of Pinus taeda plantation on the seed bank in an Araucaria Rainforest region


This study aimed to evaluate the effect of a Pinus taeda plantation on the floristic and species composition of the seed bank in remnant of the Araucaria Rainforest (FOM). For this purpose, a total of 160 samples were collected from the seed bank, 80 of a FOM remnant and 80 from a P. taeda plantation. The samples were placed to germinate in two different greenhouses, under 35% and 75% shading level. A total of 11,669 woody and herbaceous individuals were counted, distributed in 31 botanical families and 84 species. The families Asteraceae and Poaceae were the most representative in richness of herbaceous species. With regard to woody species, Solanaceae and Asteraceae were the most representative in both areas. The species P. taeda was recorded only in the seed bank of the plantation. The seed bank of the pinus plantation was characterized mainly by the low richness of woody species, which shows its influence on the seed stock. On the other hand, the FOM remnant seems not to be influenced by the proximity of the pinus plantation to it is seed bank.

Key words:
araucaria rainforest; planted forest; natural regeneration.

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