Micropropagation of Aechmea miniata and Aechmea blanchetiana

Fabio Ribeiro Garcia Cristina Ferreira Nepomuceno Moema Angélica Chaves da Rocha Alone Lima Brito José Raniere Ferreira de Santana About the authors


The objective of this study was to evaluate the morphogenic response of Aechmea miniata and Aechmea blanchetiana after different treatments with cytokinins and auxins during micropropagation. In vitro cultures were established from seeds of adult plants, approximately 2 years old. After sterilization, the seeds were inoculated in MS médium. 30 days after germination, caulin segments of approximately 5 mm were isolated, then, transferred to MS medium supplemented with BAP at concentrations of 4.44, 8.88, and 13.32 µM. At the end of 225 days of culture, the number of buds/explants, height of shoots, percentage of rooting, number of roots, and length of roots were evaluated. It was found that 4.44 µM BAP induced relatively higher frequency of multiplication in both species. For rooting, the shoots obtained in vitro were inoculated in MS medium with half of the concentration of macronutrient salts, and 1, 2, and 3 µM AIB or ANA. At 60 days, the two species exhibited 100% rooting in the médium without the addition of growth regulators. After rooting the plants were transferred to substrate, and at 180 days of culture, the survival rate was more than 80%, independent of the species.

Key words:
acclimatization; auxins; cytokinin; rooting; multiplication

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