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Cactaceae in Serra da Tiririca State Park, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


The flora of Cactaceae of the Serra da Tiririca State Park is presented. The family is represented in the area by 10 genera and 20 species, listed below: Brasiliopuntia brasiliensis, Cereus fernambucensis subsp. fernambucensis, Coleocephalocereus fluminensis, Epiphyllum phyllanthus, Hylocereus setaceus, Lepismium cruciforme, Opuntia monacantha, Pereskia aculeata, P. grandifolia, Pilosocereus arrabidae, P. brasiliensis subsp. brasiliensis, Rhipsalis cereoides, R. crispata, R. grandiflora, R. lindbergiana, R. mesembryanthemoides, R. neves-armondii, R. pachyptera, R. paradoxa and R. teres. Six species are categorized under different threat levels worldwide. We present identification keys, descriptions, illustrations, taxonomic and ecological comments for the species. The data presented contribute to the knowledge about the flora of Cactaceae in the state of Rio de Janeiro and Brazil.

Key words:
conservation; Brazilian Flora; Atlantic Forest; floristics; taxonomy

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