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Checklist of angiosperms from APA Municipal do Rio Vermelho/Humboldt, Santa Catarina, Brazil


Here we present the results of a floristic survey of angiosperms from APA Municipal do Rio Vermelho/Humboldt, located in the Atlantic Forest of southern Brazil. Plant collections were made from 2004 to 2017, and the identification of species was based on bibliography, comparison to herbarium specimens, and assistance from other specialists. We inventoried 979 species distributed in 134 families, with greater richness of Asteraceae (87 species.), Orchidaceae (86), Solanaceae (58), Melastomataceae (51), Bromeliaceae, Fabaceae, Rubiaceae (each with 37 species), Myrtaceae (34), Piperaceae (33), Cyperaceae and Poaceae (both with 18). Twelve species are considered endangered and 21 species are recorded as new occurrences for the state of Santa Catarina. The high floristic richness highlights the importance of this APA for the conservation of plant diversity in southern Brazil.

Key words:
floristics; Atlantic Forest; Southern Brazil

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