Lytoneuron (Pteridaceae) in Rio de Janeiro state, Brazil

Luiza Mendonça Bastos Claudine Massi Mynssen About the authors


Lytoneuron is circumscribed in the family Pteridaceae (Cheilanthoideae) and was segregated from Doryopteris s.l. through morphological and molecular evidences, as a monophyletic lineage. This study is based on the analysis of field work and herbarium collections. As a result 11 species have been reported to Rio de Janeiro. Nine species are considered endemic of Brazil and restricted to the Atlantic forest biome (Lytoneuron acutilobum, L. itatiaiense, L. feei, L. ornithopus, L. paradoxum, L. quinquelobatum, L. rosenstockii, L. subsimplex and L. tijucanum). The species Lytoneuron quinquelobatum, L. subsimplex and L. tijucanum are known only for Rio de Janeiro state. This paper presents the taxonomic treatment of the species with identification key, descriptions, comments and illustrations.

Key words:
Cheilanthoideae; Doryopteris s.l.; endemic species; Atlantic forest; ferns

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