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Riparian vegetation structure and soil variables in Pandeiros river, Brazil

Nathalle Cristine Alencar Fagundes Marly Antonielle de Ávila Saimo Reblleth de Souza Islaine Franciely Pinheiro de Azevedo Yule Roberta Ferreira Nunes Geraldo Wilson Fernandes Luiz Arnaldo Fernandes Rubens Manoel dos Santos Maria das Dores Magalhães Veloso About the authors


This study analyzed the floristic, structural variations and their relationships with soil variables in two stretches of riparian vegetation in an ecotonal region between savanna and semiarid zones. We following the hypothesis of despite the proximity between the sampled areas, soil conditions are distinct and lead to changes in structure and composition of the vegetation. This study was development at EPA of Pandeiros River, Minas Gerais, where we allocated 140 plots of 10 × 10 m (100 m2), with 10 m distance between plots, in two areas of riparian vegetation, named Larga and São Domingos (70 plots in each area), where we conducted the phytosociological survey and collected soil samples. In total, 751 arboreal individuals were sampled, distributed in 89 species and 35 botanical families. The areas differed strongly in structure and species composition, and showed floristic peculiarities and influence of surrounding vegetation. Despite of low distance between the sampled areas, these are singular environments influenced by different soils, by the mixed composition of the ecotonal area and the anthropogenic impacts to which they are exposed.

Key words:
diversity; ecological corridors; floristic; phytosociology; environmental filter

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