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The genera Turnera and Piriqueta (Passifloraceae sensu lato) in the state of Pernambuco, Brazil


A taxonomic treatment of the genera Turnera and Piriqueta in the state of Pernambuco, northeastern Brazil, is presented. Fourteen species of Turnera and six species of Piriqueta were found in the Atlantic Forest and Caatinga, of which nine are endemic to Brazil. Turnera pernambucensis is threatened and restricted to the Atlantic Forest of Pernambuco, while T. joelii is a new record for the state. The species predominate in steppe savanna and semideciduous seasonal forest, but several of them grow naturally in anthropized areas. Catimbau National Park is the locality with the highest species richness. Tristyly is recorded for the first time in Piriqueta guianensis. Identification keys, descriptions, illustrations, distribution maps, and comments about habitat, flowering, fruiting, and morphological relationships are provided.

Key words:
Caatinga; flora; Malpighiales; taxonomy; Turneraceae

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