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Native species of Hibiscus (Malvoideae, Malvaceae) from Southeast Brazil


Hibiscus is one of the largest genus of Malvaceae, with approximately 300 species widely spreaded in the world. In Brazil there are 33 native species (25 endemic), mainly in Cerrado. In view of the lack of studies on biodiversity and taxonomy for the genus in the nacional territory, the objective was to bring information about the native species of Southeast Brazil, describing the relationship between them, providing identification keys and descriptions of the species. We conducted bibliographical surveys in the main databases, collections analysis of the Southeast herbaria, in situ sampling, morphological analysis and taxonomic treatment. Through this study, two synonymizations were proposed and the inclusion of one species in the Brazilian list, recognizing 14 native species for the Southeast, six endemic species. The Hibiscus were characterized as sub-shrub to shrubs up to three meters. The species inhabit paludous areas of the Atlantic Forest, specially restinga and many phytophysiognomies of Cerrado.

Key words:
Cerrado; Malvales; Atlantic Forest; restinga; taxonomy

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