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Flora from Usina São José, Igarassu, Pernambuco: Salicaceae and Violaceae


The present work is part of the series of taxonomic monographs of the families of Angiosperms occurring at the Usina São José, Igarassu, Pernambuco. Based on field observations and analysis of herbarium materials were recorded six species of Salicaceae: Banara guianensis, Casearia arborea, C. hirsuta, C. javitensis, C. selloana and C. sylvestris, and three of Violaceae: Amphirrhox longifolia, Paypayrola blanchetiana and Pombalia calceolaria. Among the species, Casearia selloana is a new record for the state of Pernambuco. Na identification key, descriptions, illustrations, geographic distribution and habitat of the species are provided.

Key words:
Brazil; Flacourtiaceae; Atlantic Forest; Neotropics; taxonomy

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