Aechmea and allied genera (Bromelioideae, Bromeliaceae) from Serra dos Órgãos National Park, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Beatriz Neves Fernando Pérez Uribbe Suara Souza Almeida Jacques Bruno Paixão-Souza Ricardo Loyola de Moura Ana Angélica Monteiro de Barros Andrea Ferreira da Costa About the authors


The Serra dos Órgãos National Park (PARNASO) constitutes one of the largest remnants of the Brazilian rainforest in Rio de Janeiro state. In this biome, Bromeliaceae has one of its main centers of diversity, with 31 genera and 803 species, being more than 500 belonging to the subfamily Bromelioideae. As a part of the project Bromeliaceae organensis in development in the Departament of Botany of the Museu Nacional- UFRJ, the present work aims to inventory the species of Aechmea, Billbergia, Hohenbergia and Quesnelia on PARNASO, providing the morphological description of the species and an identification key, in addition to data about its distribution, general and inside the park. The taxonomic study was carried on through the analysis of the dried specimens, collections and field observations. Six species of Aechmea, five of Billbergia, one of Hohenbergia and four of Quesnelia, were revealed. Although well represented in number of species, Billbergia counts with a poor number of herbarium records, with four of them referenced by one or little more individuals in the collections. The locality also houses populations of endemic species of Rio de Janeiro state, like A. wellbachii, A. fasciata, Q. lateralis and Q. edmundoi var. edmundoi.

Key words
Aechmea; Billbergia; Brazilian atlantic rainforest; Hohenbergia; Quesnelia

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