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Aeschynomene (Leguminosae-Papilionoideae) in the state of Roraima, Brazil


Aeschynomene L., as currently circumscribed, is a pantropical legume genus with ca. 180 species and belongs to the subfamily Papilionoideae. This work presents a floristic survey of Aeschynomene taxa in the state of Roraima, northern Brazil. Eleven species have been recorded for the state: A. americana, A. brasiliana, A. evenia, A. filosa, A. fluminensis, A. histrix, A. interrupta, A. paniculata, A. pratensis, A. rudis, and A. sensitiva. The species A. rudis and A. evenia are new occurrences for the state of Roraima. Identification keys, descriptions, illustrations and information about habitat preferences are provided for the species occurring in the state.

Key words:
Amazonia; Dalbergieae; Fabaceae; floristics; taxonomy

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