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Rediscovery of Hemitrichia leiocarpa (Trichiales, Myxomycetes) in Brazil

Jaíne Maria Silva Parentes Laise de Holanda Cavalcanti About the authors


Hemitrichia leiocarpa was collected in the state of Pernambuco, northeastern Brazil, in 1968, and five decades passed before its second collection in the country. The species was rediscovered in the Pedra Talhada Biological Reserve, municipality of Quebrangulo, state of Alagoas, 225 km from the first location. A description of specimens that sporulated in moist chamber culture prepared with ground litter and deposited in the Myxomycetes collection of the UFP Herbarium is provided. Detailed and updated information on the worldwide geographical distribution of the species is provided, as well as information on substrates and microhabitats based on bibliographic sources and herbarium catalogues. The species can be considered near threatened (NT) based on IUCN criteria and its inclusion in the Brazilian Red List of Threatened Species is recommended.

Key words
Atlantic Forest; chorology; endangered species; red list; Trichiaceae

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