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A revision and morphological analysis of the Uruguayan species of Stevia (Compositae, Eupatorieae)

Juan Facundo Rodríguez-Cravero Diego Germán Gutiérrez Liliana Katinas Mariana Andrea Grossi José Mauricio Bonifacino Eduardo Marchesi About the authors


A revision and a morphological analysis of the Uruguayan species of Stevia (Compositae, Eupatorieae) were performed. Leaf, inflorescence, pubescence and pappus traits were identified as key to separate species. Stevia entreriensis, S. entreriensis var. minor, and Dissothrix hassleriana were considered synonyms of S. hirsuta, and S. ophryodonta and S. oxylaena synonyms of S. veronicae. Lectotypes for the names Stevia cinerascens, S. megapotamica, S. linariifolia, S. selloi, S. selloi var. yparacayensis, S. oxylaena and S. veronicae were designated. Stevia burkartii was excluded from the Uruguayan flora. As a result, 10 Uruguayan species are considered: S. aristata, S. cinerascens, S. congesta, S. gratioloides, S. hirsuta, S. multiaristata, S. sabulonis, S. satureiifolia, S. selloi, and S. veronicae. A key to the Uruguayan species, descriptions, photographs and distribution maps are provided.

Key words:
Asteraceae; South America; taxonomy; Uruguay

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