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Flora of Ceará State, Brazil: Caryocaraceae, Hypericaceae, and Rhizophoraceae

Maria Iracema Bezerra Loiola Maria Vitória Coutinho Cordeiro da Silva Rayane de Tasso Moreira Ribeiro About the authors


We examined the diversity and distribution of Caryocaraceae, Hypericaceae, and Rhizophoraceae in Ceará State, Brazil. Floristic treatments were carried out based on comparative analyses of the morphological characters of specimens from several Brazilian herbaria (ALCB, EAC, HCDAL, HST, HUEFS, HVASF, IAN, MBM, MOSS, SP, UEC and UFMT), the scientific literature, and photographs of type collections. Each family is represented here by a single species. Caryocar coriaceum occurs predominantly in the southern portion of Ceará State in typical open (cerrado) and forested savannas (cerradão). Vismia guianensis is widely distributed and occurs in several vegetation types, but mainly ombrophilous forests and savannas. Rhizophora mangle has a narrow distribution range, being recorded in coastal vegetation with fluvial and/or lacustrine influences (mangrove swamps). All three species were recorded in designated Conservation Areas. An identification key for the species, morphological descriptions, commentaries on their conservation, habitats and phenologies, as well as photographs and illustrations are provided.

Key words
Caatinga; diversity; floristic; taxonomy

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