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Acanthaceae in Colorado do Oeste, Rondônia, Brazil


This work presents a floristic/taxonomic study of Acanthaceae in fragments of Semideciduous Seasonal Forest in the city of Colorado do Oeste, Rondônia state. Random collections were carried out in forest fragments from November 2015 to September 2016, totaling 13 expeditions. The collected material is deposited in the COOE Herbarium and duplicates in the MG and SP. In the study area, the family is represented by six genera and 11 species: Aphelandra longiflora, Justicia calycina, J. goudotii, J. mesetarum, Lepidagathis callistachys, Mendoncia sp., Pseuderanthemum congestum, Ruellia brevifolia, R. inflata, R. jussieuoidesand R. nitida. Among these, Justicia goudotii, J. mesetarum, Mendoncia sp. and Ruellia jussieuoides are new records for Rondônia state. The high number of species and the new records presented in this study demonstrate the need for further studies on the flora of the state of Rondônia, and highlight the importance of conservation of these fragments that are subject to anthropic action.

Key words:
Amazon; floristics; semideciduous forest; Lamiales; taxonomy

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