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Lycopodiaceae in Brazil. Conspectus of the family III. The genera Huperzia and Phlegmariurus

Benjamin Øllgaard Paulo G. Windisch About the authors


The subfamily Huperzioideae of the Lycopodiaceae includes 41 species in Brazil. The genus Huperzia is represented by a single species, and Phlegmariurus has 40 species. They occur in most habitat types with a humid climate, from tropical lowland forest, to montane forest, and campo vegetation in the highlands. There are 25 endemics, more than half of the species. The present treatment includes nomenclature, descriptions and illustrations of all species, and a key for their identification. Reference collections are cited and summarize the distribution of the species and document their identity. Short discussions deal with problems of species delimitation and compare closely related species.

Key words:
diversity; floristics; lycophytes; phytogeography; taxonomy

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