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Premenstrual dysphoric disorder review: concept, history, epidemiology and etiology

Gislene C. Valadares Luciana Valadares Ferreira Humberto Correa Filho Marco Aurélio Romano-Silva About the authors

Epidemiologic studies show that till 80% of the women have physical and/or psychiatric symptoms in the premenstrual period, and in about 3% till 11% of them, this disease has serious consequences, causing familiar or professional damages; characterizing the premenstrual dysphoric disorder. The premenstrual dysphoric symptoms happen in the week before menstruation, stopping in the first days after menstruation beginning. A lot of theories have been proposed to justify its etiology. Hormonals, psychological and environmental factors seem to be involved, however there are no strict conclusions to justify this pathology.

Premenstrual disphoric disorder; etiology; hormonals alterations; social damages

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