Drug abuse during pregnancy

Eduardo Tsuyoshi Yamaguchi Mônica Maria Siaulys Capel Cardoso Marcelo Luis Abramides Torres Arthur Guerra de Andrade About the authors

BACKGROUND: Despite the fact that it has being a growing problem worldwide, very few works and papers have been published on drug use during pregnancy. OBJECTIVES: To objectively address the most commonly abused drugs (alcohol, cocaine, marijuana, and tobacco) by women of a reproductive age. METHODS: A literature review (MEDLINE, LILACS) of the most recent papers on drug abuse by women of reproductive age was carried out. RESULTS: The primary consequences of drug abuse both for the mother and the infant are described. CONCLUSIONS: This is a little discussed major public health issue which requires the involvement of a multidisciplinary team. The publication of a greater number of papers on the problem is necessary in order to establish the best strategy for addressing intervention in this population.

Pregnancy; drugs; alcohol; cocaine; marijuana; tobacco

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