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Motivation in patients with clinical disorders associated with alcohol addiction

The objective of this study is to compare the motivation to change drinking behavior in two distinct samples of alcohol-addicted patients, namely general hospital inpatients and patients seeking treatment in specialized addiction units. Ninety one subjects were recruited for a cross-sectional assessment; 42 had one or more clinical conditions related to alcohol addiction (group 1) and 49 were inpatients at a clinical dependence unit (group 2). Assessments were performed until the following instruments: We found significant differences between the two groups in the "action" (p = 0,006) and the "maintenance" (p < 0,00001) scores, but no significant differences in the "contemplation" and "pre-contemplation" scores (p = 0,0098 and 0,342, respectively). General hospital inpatients seem to be less motivated to change patterns in their addiction behavior than those treated in addiction units. Therefore it is important to reinforce motivation in order to change the addiction behavior among patients with physical illnesses who seek treatment in general hospital facilities.

Alcohol; motivation; clinical disorders; general hospital

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