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A study of drug attitude and medication adherence and its relationship with the impact of illness among the mentally ill



Impact of illness may vary with the medication adherence which in turn may vary with the attitude towards drugs. There is a paucity of research examining relationships between these variables.


To study the levels of drug attitude, adherence and its relationship with the impact of illness.


A total of 279 participants with mental illness in remission were assessed with socio-demographic and clinical proforma, scales like Hogan Drug Attitude Inventory (DAI), Impact of Illness Scale (IIS), and Morisky Medication Adherence Scale (MMAS) were used.


Mean score on DAI, IIS, and MMAS were 2.38 (SD = 4.6), 25.88 (SD = 6.6), and 5.04 (SD = 2.2) respectively. On linear regression analysis (R2 = .122, DF = 2, F = 17.598, p < .001) IIS Score was statistically significant but negatively associated with the score of MMAS (p < .05) and DAI (p < .05).


Impact of illness has an inverse relationship with the level of drug attitude and medication adherence. Improving drug attitude and adherence may buffer the impact of illness.

Drug attitude; adherence; illness impact; mental illness

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