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Transcultural adaptation and evaluation of the internal consistency of the Portuguese version of the Spirituality Self Rating Scale (SSRS)

CONTEXT: Spirituality can be considered a personal dimension to understand questions about life, about meanings and the relationship with the sacred or transcendent, which may (or not) be related to religious rituals. OBJECTIVE: To evaluate the internal consistency of translated and adapted for Brazil version of the instrument Spirituality Self Rating Scale (SSRS). METHODS: Descriptive, cross sectional study. The SSRS has been applied to study it the internal consistency in a sample consisted of 138 (69%) males psychoactive substance users linked to different services for rehabilitation or participating in group of mutual-help. RESULTS: The internal consistency, evaluated by the coefficient of Chronbach's alpha, showed overall value of 0.8355, ranging from 0.7028 to 0.8878. CONCLUSIONS: The Brazilian version of SSRS showed value of internal consistency similar to the original version in English and can be considered good.

Spirituality; internal consistency; SSRS

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