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Diffuse idiopathic musculoskeletal pain in childhood and adolescence

OBJECTIVE: Persistent or intermittent diffuse idiopathic musculoskeletal pain is defined by the presence of pain over three months with no apparent etiology. The diagnosis of this condition in children and adolescents is increasing. The objective of this study was to report the cases of two patients with disabling pain that received multidiscipli-nary treatment and to review the current literature about this subject. CASE DESCRIPTION: The first patient is a nine-year old girl with history of headache, musculoskeletal pain and abdominal pain for two years. During this period she had four episodes of absence of gait with no apparent organic cause. The second patient is a 14-year girl with severe daily low back pain for 14 months, followed by headache and fatigue. Both patients presented a normal physical examina-tion, except for allodynia (case 1) and fibromyalgia tender points (case 2). All tests resulted negative regarding the search for organic reasons for pain complaints. Significant clinical improvement was observed with a multidisciplinary approach offered by pediatricians, psychologists, physical therapists, and nutritionists. Both patients resumed their daily regular activities. COMMENTS: Team integrated performance in a short-term period can provide the attenuation of pain symptoms since emotional, physical and nutritional factors are related to the pain expressed by the patients.

pain; fibromyalgia; child; adolescent

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